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ATM Cash Reduction

With interest rates going up, banks are scrambling to reduce their idle cash.

Using an ATM as an example, and with minimal load-to-load information (load amount, residual count back), we are able to forecast (using our sophisticated IMF forecasting logic) the load amount, with zero run-outs. The example below illustrates the savings.

In the graph below: (based on actual data) we are showing residual reduction analysis for a group of 36 ATMs. The actual residual rate for 36 terminals over the last 6 months is 64.54%. The residual rate reduction using the SCS forecasting tool is 41.24% in this live example below.

Vault Forecasting

Our sophisticated forecasting tool allows you to stay within the “Sweet spot” Not too much (Inventory upper bound) or not too little (inventory lower bound).

The yellow line is the sweet spot using our Forecasting Tool; The red is falling below the lower bound without using the SCS forecasting tool.

Ready to reduce your idle cash in branches, ATMs, and virtual vaults? Start using the SCS Forecasting Tool